I’ll be updating this section with more information about film projects in development soon.


Womanhood: The Bare Reality is the subject of a feature documentary for Channel 4 in 2019.

"100 Vaginas (w/t) has documentary artist Laura Dodsworth photograph and interview 18 women (from ages 19 to 77) about how their vagina has shaped their lives. Their stories are intimate, shocking, moving, powerful and funny. These women share their experiences of starting periods and pubic hair grooming, the trauma of rape and FGM, the joy of orgasms, the secrets of the clitoris, the wonders of birth and the impact of porn, gender, sex and religion – to better understand this part of themselves and its definitive role in women’s lives."

- Channel 4 

With more ideas in development, if you are interested in collaborating please contact me

Laura Dodsworth on set on  100 Vaginas