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— Bare reality

Photography - Bare reality - A revelation and a celebration of all that being male and female means.

Bare Reality

Photography, Art, Books, Film

A revelation and a celebration of all that being male and female means.

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BUSTING TABOOS - one body part at a time

In three series, I have photographed & interviewed 300 women and men about their breasts, penises, vulvas and vaginas. By turning my lens on physical taboos, I catalyse a ground-breaking conversation into social taboos and offer a deeply personal perspective on our most private, painful and pleasurable stories.

My books Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories, Manhood: The Bare Reality and Womanhood: The Bare Reality attracted worldwide media coverage and critical acclaim. Womanhood was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary 100 Vaginas featuring my work in 2019. I gave a TEDx talk about the Bare Reality series.

One of the most rewarding aspects to this series of work has been the impact on other people. I’m so touched by the emails, messages and comments about these projects. I’ve been called a few things in the course of photographing of this work, but my favourite? Apparently, I’m a Slayer of Taboos.

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The Bare Reality series has been featured and reviewed in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Independent, The Evening Standard, Metro, i paper, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Grazia, Stylist, DIVA, Gay Times, Huff Post, BBC World, ITV’s Loose Women, BBC Womans Hour, BBC Radio London, BBC London News, Channel 5 News, Radio 5 Live, Talk Radio, LBC, and many international newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes.

Dodsworth’s project is a simple but groundbreaking idea that gives women back a sense of ownership over their own bodies.
— The Evening Standard on Womanhood
A cultural talking point
— The Financial Times on 100 Vaginas
A champion for penises
— Laura and Manhood described in The Guardian
Unflinching in its portrayal of the female form
— The Telegraph on Bare Reality
A Slayer of Taboos
— Twitter