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A Life More Ordinary

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A unique and inspiring campaign about how victims of crime can move on and enjoy their lives again and live ‘a life more ordinary’.


A campaign showcasing six brave victims of crime through photography and storytelling.

As a photographer and storyteller who is motivated by personal and moving stories I was delighted to be commissed to create A Life More Ordinary by Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners. It’s a unique and inspiring campaign about how victims of crime can move on and enjoy their lives again.

I photographed and interviewed six victims of crime with very different stories to tell. The women I met were all on a journey of recovery, at very different stages, impressively evolving and finding new ways to live content and integrated lives. Without the help of a multitude of kind and expert local services, I do not believe the positive outcome for these women would be the same.

I chose to photograph the subjects in places which have helped them to evolve and enjoy their lives. The environments were instrumental in provoking layers of emotional reveals in their brave and honest interviews. Their stories, told in person, made me cry. These women, and the campaign, are truly inspiring testaments to the power and triumph of human spirit.

A Life More Ordinary with the complete stories (excerpts below) will be exhibited at Jubilee Library in Brighton from 14th until 20th January 2019. For more information about the campaign and the support services please visit Safe: Space Sussex.

We couldn’t be happier with Laura’s involvement in this campaign. It is the first time we have ever organised a photographic exhibition and with such sensitive topics we were nervous.

The portraits of the women involved are all powerful, eye-catching and perfectly capture their personalities and the essence of the entire campaign.

Laura quickly built a rapport and trust with all of the women, who opened up to her about their experiences and allowed her to tell their stories in a raw and honest way that we did not expect.

Laura was also brilliant to work with, always on hand to lend us her expertise on not only photography and storytelling but also on the logistical planning of our exhibition.

We would recommend Laura for these types of campaigns, she has an aura about her that put us and the women involved immediately at ease. The outcome couldn’t have been better.
— Natalie McFall, Communications Manager, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner